Sep 22, 2015

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Candida Relief Using Diet


Yes, you can get candida relief with a careful diet

Candida relief can be had with a careful diet

Excess growth of Candida can bring about conditions such as yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, bloating, and thrush just to mention a few. Keeping this naturally present fungus in a healthy environment is your safest bet against having to deal with its infections.

Your Diet and Candida

Did you know that your diet can be used to treat and prevent complications brought about by the candida? Well, overgrowth of the fungus can be due to your poor lifestyle choices when it comes to food and nutrition. This fungus is known to thrive in environments with excess sugar and fats. This means that eliminating foods rich in carbs and sugar such as bread, snacks, chips, burgers, sodas and even alcohol may very well help control the fungus and keep it in its required environment. Eliminating bad bacteria from your body can be done by switching your eating habits around. This means eating foods that are rich in nutrients. For example when it comes to fats, you can use healthy fats in form of:
• olive oil
• fish oil
• organic raw butter
• extra virgin coconut oil
• cod liver oil

These fats are easy to break down and do not saturate your body meaning that yeast will have no fat deposits to thrive on.

When it comes to carbohydrates, consume them in very small amounts. Eat limited amounts of grains and switch to brown rice, oatmeal, millets and quinoa. Foods with natural high sugar content such as beets should also be consumed with restrictions as they may provide yeast with the food it needs to over grow.

Replace sugar content with fresh fruits and natural homemade juices that have no additives. The idea is not to avoid eating foods with sugar, carbohydrates and fats but consuming them in limited amounts and in their natural form. This means that your diet should consist of whole foods or organic foods. This is because most foods in the market are made using hydrogenated fats which are not a healthy option when trying to treat Candida


Probiotics have also been proved to be very effective in controlling Candida and are generally a great addition to your diet. These are basically microorganisms in form of yeast and bacteria. Probiotics are found in supplements and foods such as yogurt, kefir, cheese, fermented milk, fermented soy beans and others. Using these organisms assists your body to break down food and also line the digestive tract with healthy bacteria. This therefore boosts your immune system and consequently creates an environment where healthy yeast and bacteria is alive. Probiotics are used as a remedy on three levels; these are: correcting and controlling stomach acidity levels, filling the body with good bacteria, hence less space for abnormal growth and as hinted earlier rebuilding the body’s immune system.

Healthy living not only controls Candida growth, but your overall health as well. A healthy diet means that your body has the resources to fight candida and control elements that encourage yeast growth.

Bottom line, if you have a candida problem then turn it on its head with a careful diet