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Does ThreeLac work for everyone?

I know how difficult it is to commit to a new product without knowing for certain it will work. I’ve been there myself. That is why we offer a full, money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with ThreeLac for any reason, you’ll get your money back with no questions asked. We’ve been in the alternative health business a long time and have tried many different products. We know how disappointing it is to try something that simply does not work for us. You won’t have to worry about that with Threelac.

What about constipation? I don't want constipation to be worse while taking ThreeLac.

To answer this question, let’s first look at the functions of your digestive system. Our digestive organs, including the stomach and both intestines, operate in a moist environment. As you eat, your food enters the stomach where it is broken down by acid. Then it moves through the intestines. The intestines squeeze the partially processed food in order to get the nutrients and then discard the remaining bulk that is not needed. This is removed from the body via a bowel movement.

Normal bowel movements are moist and easy to pass. However, when constipation occurs, bowel movements are dry and difficult to pass. Most people have been told that constipation comes due to lack of fiber. Although this can contribute, the biggest factor is lack of moisture. Constipation often occurs when someone is simply not drinking enough clean water.

In order to keep constipation from occurring when taking ThreeLac, I suggest that you keep your water intake to a healthy level.


Why should someone take probiotics like those in ThreeLac?

Our gastric systems are very complex. They contain an ecosystem of microbes that include a large number and wide variety of bacteria. This bacteria is needed for digestion and has a huge impact on human health.

The problem is that some of the bacteria, known as opportunistic bacteria or detrimental bacteria, can be harmful if they get out of control. When this happens, you can experience diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and other digestive disorder. The good bacteria, known as probiotic bacteria perform good functions, including keeping bad bacteria from getting out of control. They also help the immune system, reduce ammonia, reduce cholesterol, improve digestion of milk products, break down fast, protect the intestinal lining, and promote mineral absorption.

ThreeLac contains three probiotic organisms that are assertive when it comes to certain strains of fungi and yeast. These three include:

  • Bacillus subtilus: This is a soil-based bacteria that helps reduce yeast overgrowth, especially when working with other probiotics.
  • Bacillus Coagulans: Natural to the human digestive tract and works like Enterococcus Faecalis below.
  • Enterococcus Faecalis: Also natural to the human digestive tract and helps keep yeast and fungi at healthy levels.Our 60-day money back guarantee or exchange allows plenty of time to determine if ThreeLac is right for you. If you notice a sensitivity or allergy to ThreeLac or are simply not happy with this product, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked.
  • If someone is in good health, they can tolerate these three probiotic bacterias. Please note that ThreeLac is not a comprehensive probiotic. Instead, it needs to work with acidophilus, bifidus, and other friendly flora to keep your intestinal tract healthy.

How do I decide if ThreeLac is really the product for me?

Perhaps you’ve heard about ThreeLac from a friend, but wonder if it is the right product for you. Your friend said it worked for her and provided her with more energy, less depression, great skin, and better digestion. But, will it work for you, too?

The truth is that not every product works for every person. With that being said, we sell about 5 million cans of ThreeLac each year to consumers just like me and just like you. Many of them are repeat buyers. You can feel confident that this is a good product and has the potential to really help you. If it turns out that ThreeLac doesn’t work for you, you can count on our 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked.

What about using ThreeLac during pregnancy?

We’ve had many pregnant patients say that they feel out of sorts during their pregnancy and wonder if ThreeLac is safe to use.

Do not take any chances. Please discuss ThreeLac with your OB before taking. Take the list of ingredients of ThreeLac with you to your appointment. If your doctor feels comfortable, then give it a try. If not, then don’t take the product until you after the baby is born.

How do I know if I even have a yeast problem?

If you look up the symptoms on the web, you may think you have a yeast problem. Some of these symptoms include feeling tired, cranky, having difficulty concentrating, and a vaginal discharge. But how can you be sure?

One way is with the spit test. (Go to the page on the spit test.)

However, if it is a vaginal yeast concern, you will want to determine which kind of yeast you have. To do this, you will need to see a doctor who can help you determine the type and give you the correct treatment.

Everyone talks about “yeast concerns.” What does that really mean?

Those that first start looking into yeast concerns typically have some sort of health problems and have been seeking answers for an extended period of time. This can get time consuming, frustrating, and expensive as they go from doctor to doctor and test to test, never to find any answers.

There is a lot of talk about yeast concerns. Some people take the orthodox point of view. Others take the alternative point of view. There are forums and products and clubs and opinions galore. Some seem totally crazy. But the reason people are talking is that there is a problem and people are suffering.

Your gastrointestinal tract is always working. While you work, play, and even sleep, things are happening. Yeast cells are going about their work without causing any problems for you. However, sometimes something will trigger the bad yeast to grow out of proportion and the balance is lost.

Our bodies are supposed to have yeast. But a yeast concern is when yeast or fungi overgrowth has occurred.

How does a yeast concern happen?

You may say to yourself that you eat well, drink plenty of fluids, and keep yourself clean. The idea of a yeast concern is horrifying. You want to know what you have done wrong.

Well, there are many theories as to what may have happened. One is that a trigger set off an overgrowth. This trigger could be an extended use of antibiotics. It could be stress or the use of an oral contraception. It could be steroids or a high sugar diet. For many people, you may never know what caused the concern.

If I have a yeast concern, what symptoms will I be experiencing?

There are many differing symptoms that include such things as lack of energy, lack of concentration, skin issues, bloating and gas, menstrual issues, constant tiredness, and more.

Is ThreeLac better than other probiotics on the market?

There are so many different probiotics products on the market that it is difficult to decide which one to take. I love ThreeLac and would tell you that it is a great product and better than others. However, other people have tried different products with great success. So, rather than say which product is better, let’s focus on what ThreeLac has to offer.

ThreeLac has a micro-encapsulation process invented in a Japanese lab that helps ThreeLac get past the acid in your stomach. Our stomachs have a strong acid in them including hydrochloric and lactic acid. This helps get rid of germs and aids in digestion. However, it makes getting probiotics into your intestines very difficult. The micro-encapsulation keeps the stomach acids from destroying the capsule, thus allowing the probiotics to enter into the intestines.

Is it true that about 80% of people have a yeast concern?

Numbers can be used to anyone to say anything, depending upon the picture they are trying to paint. We do know that yeast concerns exist. However, whether there is a yeast concern crisis remains to be seen. Instead of focusing on the numbers, educate yourself about yeast concerns so that you can be aware of any potential problems in your own health.

Can you give me the ingredients in ThreeLac?


How do I take ThreeLac?

ThreeLac is not a pill. It is also not a medication, but a dietary supplement. The fresh lemony taste makes it refreshing to take. Simply use 1 packet of the powder per day right before you eat a meal. Let it dissolve in your mouth, then drink 4 to 6 ounces of water. Then eat your meal. Be sure to eat after taking ThreeLac because the food helps the ThreeLac reach the small intestine.

To get the most relief, try using ThreeLac this way:

Week 1: 1 packet per day

Week 2 and 3: 1 packet in the morning and 1 packet in the evening.

Week 4: 3 packets a day, each with a meal.

To speed up your relief even faster, use ThreeLac with Inulation (found on our Shop page)

The standard dosage is 1 pack per day, but it is safe to take up to 5 packs a day temporarily.

When do I starting using ThreeLac for maintenance purposes?

This depends upon you and your digestive system. Once you “feel” like everything is working smoothly again, you can begin the maintenance dose of 1 packet a day.

Will I have problems taking ThreeLac?

Some people are concerned about taking a supplement because of the scary “death” stories that abound on the Internet. Although ThreeLac has been tested by us and researched thoroughly, everyone has a different constitution. Some people may be sensitive to the ingredients and find that it doesn’t work for them. If this happens, remember that we have a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Do I need to change the way I eat?

You do not need to change the way you eat when you take ThreeLac. However, since processed foods and sugar can trigger yeast concerns, we do suggest that you avoid these products. Try to eat healthy, but don’t be concerned if you have a bad day or make a poor choice. Our bodies are forgiving when it comes to how we eat.

Does ThreeLac taste OK?

Most of our users find ThreeLac to have a very pleasant, lemony taste.

Should I take other supplements while taking ThreeLac?

I would suggest OxyLift. It is very popular and has helped many of our clients. However, I love all of our supplements. Call us to ask questions and determine what is right for you: Toll-free number at 888-762-5477 or our local number at 716-373-0983. We are here to help! Or, you can send us an email by clicking here.

Can my child take ThreeLac?

Do not give ThreeLac to a child under the age of two without the advice of a doctor. Children over 2 can take one packet per day for every 50 pounds of body weight. A packet has approximately ¾ of a teaspoon.

Will I need to take ThreeLac forever?

When you’ve taken ThreeLac long enough to feel good about your intestinal health, you can either stop taking it or begin using a maintenance dose (1 packet per day). Many of our customers say they feel better taking a maintenance dose.