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Threelac probiotic for candida yeast sufferers

Order your two-month supply of ThreeLac for only $49.95 + $5.95 shipping.  Add To Cart

Do you need faster relief and want to save money as well? Then look no further. Consider our best-selling Special Packages with discounts for a 2-month supply of ThreeLac combined with one or two of our other popular products. Shipping for all Special Packages has been reduced to just $5.95!

**Be sure to look at our best-selling and most popular package #4!

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Special Package 1. This popular package includes a 2-month supply of ThreeLac along with a 2-month supply of Elite-Zyme Pro Enzymes for only $59.95 + $5.95 shipping.

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Special Package 2. Includes a 2-month supply of ThreeLac and OxyLift for only $69.95 + $5.95 shipping.

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Special Package 3. This incredible package is known as “Triple Health” and includes a 2-month supply of ThreeLac, OxyLift, and Activated Charcoal for only $78.95 + $5.95 shipping.

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Special Package 4: This top selling product works so quickly that many of our customers feel a difference in less than a week! This incredible package includes a 2-month supply of ThreeLac and Inulation for only $83.95 + $5.95 shipping

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Special Package 5. For those using ThreeLac and Colosan, this package includes a 2-month supply of both for only $75.95 + $5.95 shipping.

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For those that use a wide variety of our products, you may wish to consider our Advanced Packages. Each package contains a 2-month supply of ThreeLac along with several other complementary products.
Advanced Package 6. This package, known as the Fabulous Five, contains a 2-month supply of ThreeLac, plus 1 Activated Charcoal, 1 OxyLift, 1 EliteZyme Pro Enzymes, and 1 Inulation for just 119.00

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Advanced Package 7. Perfectly named as “Sensational Seven”, this advanced package includes a 2-month supply of ThreeLac, 1 Activated Charcoal, 1 OxyLift, 1 Elite Zyme Pro Enzymes, 1 Inulation, 1 Colosan and 1 Allimax for just $159.00
Advanced Package 7(a). For those wanting capsules instead of a powder, the “Sensational Seven” Option A is just like the “Sensational Seven” but substitutes the powder form of Colosan for the capsule form of OxyFlush for only $163.00

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7(a). "Super Seven" Option A - Get all 7 products but instead of the the Colosan (which comes in a powder form), get the OxyFlush (which comes in a capsule form) for only $163.00

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Do you want to hit Candida with everything we’ve got and stop it dead in its tracks for good? Then the Ultimate Package might be right for you.
Ultimate Package 8. The “Total Cleanse” is the package for those that want to hit Candida with everything available. This Ultimate Package contains a 4-month supply of ThreeLac, 1 Activated Charcoal, 1 Anti-Candida/Parasite Tea, 1 OxyLift, 1 Elite Zyme Pro Enzymes, 1 Inulation, 1 OxyFlush, 1 Allimax Caps, 1 Hepasan Liver Cleanse,  and the “Candida Fighter’s Recipe Book” for only $259.00.

Order now, and you’ll receive our “Candida Yeast Fighter’s Recipe Book” at a $30 discount! This amazing book contains nearly 1000 recipes that help you beat back Candida.
If you have questions about this book or any of our products, please call our toll-free number at 888-762-5477 or our local number at 716-373-0983. We have operators standing by to assist you.


Anti-Candida & Parasite Tea


Anti-Candida & Parasite Tea
Easily rid your body of unwanted candida and parasites.

One of the biggest requests we get from our customers is for a simple and inexpensive way to rid themselves of candida and other parasites. After extensive study and research, we have found a product that is perfect. Not only is it easy, inexpensive, and effective, but it tastes great as well! I personally drink at least 2 cups a week. Each bag of tea makes between 20 and 30 servings, depending on your serving size for only $14.99.

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INGREDIENTS: Peppermint, Black Walnut Leaves, Artemesia Annua, Bladderwrack (kelp), Pau d’ Arco Bk., Stevia, and Irish Moss (kelp).

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal helps with “die-off.” This 4-ounce bag is a 7 to 10 day supply at only $10.95 and free shipping.

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This mineral supplement is perfect for anyone living in the modern world of the 21st century. A one-month supply of this great supplement is available for only $22.95 per bottle with free shipping.

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Elite-Zyme Pro Enzymes
This fantastic product contains 10 unique enzymes that can help you with digestion. One bottle (30 capsules) is just $12.95 with free shipping.
For those needing larger quantities, we also offer the Jumbo Jar (270 capsules) at a $40 discount for just $54.95

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You can get this large 270 capsule bottle for only $54.95! Save $40!

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This product comes highly recommended by past customers as an incredible ally in your fight against Candida. Inulation is an all-natural, kosher, functional food ingredient. It is extracted from the root of the chicory plant. Scientifically, it is known as Cichorium intybus L and is a natural fructooligosaccharide. What does this mean to you? Simply that Inulation feeds good bacteria and crowds out the bad bacteria and works especially well in combination with ThreeLac. One can lasts between 1 and 3 months for just $34.95.

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Perfect for anyone suffering from constipation, this powdered, oxygenating formula is a blend of several magnesiums that helps soften stools. Colosan works by taking undigested material and turning it into water, waste, and CO2.

Colosan works in the same way a building contractor works – by clearing out and cleaning up before repairing and rebuilding. The colon is best cleaned using oxygen since digestion is an oxidation process.
Initially, Colosan will produce liquid bowel movements, but it works gently, allowing your body to eliminate stools more easily. Try a 90-day supply of Colosan for just $24.95

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For those that do not want to deal with a powder, OxyFlush is the capsule version of Colosan. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, which is a 45-day supply, for just $24.95.

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Allimax Capsules
If you are fighting fungi such as Coccidioides, Aspergillus, Histoplasma, Trichophyton, Candida, and Cryptoccocci, then Allimax is right for you. Each capsule contains 100% Allicin – the ingredient in garlic known to fight fungi. Each box contains a one-month supply (30 vegetarian capsules) for just $26.99.

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Allimax Cream
Just as with the Allimax capsules, the Allimax cream contains 100% Allicin but in cream version to be applied to the skin. This 2-ounce jar is a 1-month supply for just $29.99.

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Perhaps the BEST value in a multi-vitamin on the market today!


Daily Enhancer
If you are looking for a great multivitamin at a great price, then look no further. Daily Enhancer contains 51 vitamins, herbs, and minerals. Try our introductory special, a 30-day supply (120 capsules) for just $24.95.

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Here’s The Easy Way To Help Flush Out Your Liver, Kidneys and Gall Bladder!


Hepasan Liver Cleanse
Hepasan is an easy way to flush out your liver, gall bladder, and kidneys. One customer put it this way:


“Wow! Hepasan Liver Cleanse was incredible! I’ve tried these kinds of cleanses before, but Hepasan was easier and much less harsh but with even better results. I’m planning on doing this twice a year to keep my systems in perfect shape!”  Laura Snow – Atlanta

Try a 60-capsule bottle for just $29.95.

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Coral Complete–Because Milk Won’t Save Your Bones!


Coral Complete
We all know that milk and dairy are good for our bones, but is it enough? Due to modern-day food processing methods, the answer is NO!
These food processing methods rid foods of their natural calcium and Vitamin D that is needed for healthy teeth and bones. Without these needed vitamins and minerals, our bones begin to weaken, and we become at greater risk for osteoporosis and broken bones.

That is why we suggest Coral Complete, an all-natural, safe, easily absorbed source of calcium that has been formulated to provide you with complete bone and tooth protection. Buy your one-month supply for just $26.95.

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Colostrum Plus: Forget About Goat’s Milk!Maximize Your Immune System


Colostrum Plus
There are several ways to get the calcium and Vitamin D that you need. One is milk, but most of our milk has been stripped of those needed nutrients. Another is goat’s milk, but unfortunately, it tastes terrible.

Finally, there is Colostrum, also known as “first milk.” This is produced by mother’s in late pregnancy and provides a nursing infant with antibodies, protein, and carbohydrates in addition to calcium and Vitamin D. These antibodies and nutrients help a baby’s immune system to function.

Colostrum works well with adults, too, but, as with goat’s milk, tastes horrible.

What’s a person to do? Try our Colostrum Plus in capsule form, which also contains Vitamin C and Zinc to further help your immune system. A one-month supply is just $29.95.

Fear not, Colostrum Plus ® is available in capsules and enhanced with Vitamin C and Zinc to help enhance your immune system and promote long-term health and vitality! $29.95 for a one-month supply

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Get Multi Antioxidant Support®– Because OPC’s Are Better Than Vitamin C and Vitamin E–Combined!


Multi Antioxidant Support
Do you know what is better for neutralizing free radicals than Vitamin C and Vitamin E combined? Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC’s)! This doesn’t mean that you won’t need Vitamins C and E for your body, but when it comes to neutralizing free radicals, Multi Antioxidant Support is made with OPCs that are 20 times more effective than Vitamin C and 50 times more effective than Vitamin E!

Why does this matter? Because free radicals destroy our bodies at the cellular level. We get free radicals in our body when we do everyday things like sit in the sun, eat or drink anything unnatural, smoke, or drink. Free radicals are now linked to health problems such as:
• Stroke
• Coronary Artery Disease
• Digestion problems
• Nerve damage
• Poor vision
• Liver disease
• Skin damage
• Signs of aging
These free radicals will destroy your body if you don’t neutralize them. Luckily, you can with the highly concentrated OPC’s in Multi Antioxidant Support®. Unless you can eat only raw foods and can live far away from modern society, you need Multi Antioxidant Support® to help neutralize the free radicals in your body. Vitamins E and C alone simply won’t be enough. Get your 3-month supply for only $24.95.

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The Ultimate In Good Joint Health!


Joint Enhancer
MSM is a building block of proteins that builds our cells and is found in the foods we eat. However, MSM is easy to destroy and the food industry’s practices destroy the MSM in our foods at a high rate. Every time we heat, dry, or process food, MSMs are destroyed. If our cells can’t regenerate and repair, then we end up with diseases such as osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Joint Enhancer ® is crammed with MSM and is formulated for optimal joint and cartilage health. If you are an athlete or weight lifter, or if you have arthritis or are simply concerned with joint health, then MSM is right for you. A one-month supply is $29.95.

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For Folks That Aren’t Getting The Fruits & Veggies They Need…


If you are like most people in the US, you are not getting your recommended 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Without these, your body isn’t getting all the right nutrients and is susceptible to harmful free radicals. Free radicals have been linked to serious health issues including stroke, liver disease, heart disease, digestive disorders, signs of aging, and even poor vision.

The problem is that the US diet isn’t geared to give people the fruits and vegetables they need. If this is a problem for you, then Veggieberries might be a solution. This supplement provides antioxidants as well as a proprietary blend of essential fruits and vegetables.
Taken daily, Veggeberries will help:
• Clear up your skin
• Increase energy
• Reduce the risk of heart disease
• Reduce the risk of stroke
• Promote healthy vision
• Enhance digestion
• Provide weight management
• Promote lung health
• Increase urinary tract health

Since you can’t avoid free radicals and it is difficult to eat your vegetables, Veggieberries is a great way to protect yourself in one convenient capsule. Veggieberries is an extremely advanced supplement that powerfully eliminate free radicals. Those that take Veggieberries are able to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Try a one-month supply today for only $19.95.

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ALMOST 1,000 RECIPES For People Suffering With Candida Yeast Issues!


Candida Yeast Fighter’s Recipe Book
If you are suffering from candida yeast issues, then this recipe book is exactly what you need. Conveniently found on a CD-Rom, it is easy to use, the recipes are fantastic, and it helps rid the body of unwanted Candida.
To use, just go to the table of contents, find the recipes that you wish to try, and then print off the recipe using the print button.
To make this an even better offer, today, you can get this book for $30 off the original price of $49.95. That’s right! Today, this incredible recipe book with nearly 1000 Candida fighting recipes is JUST $19.95. That’s a 60% savings!!

“Mike, Thank you for making my life easier. Your book’s recipes are delicious and keeping my candida yeast under control. It is perfect!” Shirley Crawley, Boston

“Mike, Incredible cookbook! I can’t believe how great everything tastes. Even my kids are happy!” Breanna Finnis.

Order TODAY for only $19.95!

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