Threelac probiotic for candida yeast sufferers

Threelac probiotic for candida yeast sufferers

See why Threelac is the answer you’re looking for

A long time candida yeast sufferer who hasn’t found help?  Get Threelac

I woke up one night scratching my genital area.  And I don’t mean a little harmless scratching either.  Not the give it a few swipes with your nails and you’re relieved… No I mean scratching myself until I was bleeding.  Yep, just laying there in the middle of the night scratching myself until I drew blood.

If it was just a one-time event, it still wouldn’t be OK, but it would have been easier to accept.  But when it happens over and over and over again?  And this was before I found Threelac.  Then somethings dreadfully wrong.

The groin itch wasn’t the only problem I was dealing with either…

No, I had several issues I was dealing with.  I suffered with gas and indegestion on a regular basis.  Moreso after eating pasta or bread or something with milk.

And I was a regular sufferer of constipation.  I would be regular for three or four weeks and then BAM, I wouldn’t go for 2 or 3 days.  I knew what would happen next.

I knew that soon my stomach would start to ache.  I knew that I would get severe cramps.  And eventually I would go and go and go.  One time the “evacuation” was so severe I ended up with a anal fissure.  If you’ve never suffered with an anal fissure you have no idea of the pain you deal with after every bowel movement.  This was just a side “benefit” of a candida yeast overgrowth before I found Threelac.  And this was of course before I even knew what a candida yeast overgrowth was.

A final problem I dealt with was dry, cracked and bleeding skin around my finger tips.

Heck I never knew all my problems were related.  I treated them like a lot of people do… piece meal.  One issue at a time.   One doctor for one thing.  Another physician for another.

Now that’s just a few issues.

Many candida yeast sufferers prior to trying Threelac can suffer with six or eight health challenges.   Things like vaginal yeast infections in women, oral thrush, chronic fatigue, food allergies, ear and sinus problems.  Some believe autism, fibromyalgia and ADD can be traced to a candida yeast overgrowth.

The medical community failed me on this one.  I never found the solution to my problems through any physician.  I had to wait for a someone to post on a message board about their problems which were very much like my own.  They ended up getting this product called Threelac, which is a unique probiotic that has a reputation of being a strong candida yeast fighter.

And after using Threelac for 60 days I was about 50% better.  After another 60 days I was about 90% better.

If you’re suffering with a candida yeast problem… Get Threelac.

-Jake Reynolds